About Us

Hi-My name is Paul Mastrola. But everyone knows me as Paulie. I was Paulie way before anyone on MTV or HBO made it famous. My family-Anna, Kadence, Dylan and Macie-and I live in Woodbridge.  We have been servicing laundry and dry cleaning for almost 4 years. It was an industry I was drawn to since I was a little kid. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every aspect of our service. We don’t just want you to like the service, we want to “WOW” you.

My goal is simple, provide you with the best laundry/dry cleaning experience possible. Simple as that.

Below is a recent picture of the family and I during our summer vacation at the Eastern Shore of Virginia. My son Dylan is 4.  Macie, the baby, is about to turn 3. Kadence is going to be 6 soon. We recently got back from our first ever Disney trip!  Splash Mountain was everyone’s favorite!